Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fresh Delivery

I love it when i get a new batch of good stuff..Lucky I checked my mail today as well!

V Fact0ry - Love Struck (Dave @ude Club Mix)
Not strictly bassline as we know it,but as close as a commercial remix gets.Sounds like there`s a sample from Day n Nite in there too.Best remix I`ve ever heard from Dave Aude.

T2 Feat Michelle Esc0ffery - Come 0ver (Club Edit)
Hot off the press,and again not strictly a bassline track.More electro.Best thing T2 has put out since "Heartbroken" by a mile.

Cutb@ck Feat Federa1 - R0ck To The Rhythm (Plast!c G@ngsters Remix)
Organ/Donk/Bassline version of this tune thats doing the rounds.Nicely done.

Artful D0dger & R0mina Johnson - M0ving T00 Fast (Jam!e Duggan Meets Da B00da 2009 Remix)
One of the better producers on the scene,Dj Booda,behind the desk on this.Totally playable for most Dj`s.Not too O.T.T.

R0bin S - Sh0w Me L0ve (Reece B Remix)
Last but not least,one of the newer producers on the Bassline scene delivers a solid enough version of the track everyone knows.Not for the fainthearted.

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